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I help businesses by turning pots of coffee into:

logos / identity / style guides / websites / illustrations / banners / print pieces / icons / user interfaces / presentations / newsletters / ads / t-shirts / swag

Analog Cases

Art Direction, Branding, Print, UI

Renderwave Colorpedia

Illustration, Print, Tutorial

Ardent IT Solutions

Branding, Print, UI

Rex Rayne

Illustration, Print


Branding, Illustration, UI, UX


Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, UI

Adventure World

Animation, Illustration, UI, UX


Animation, Branding, Illustration, UI, UX

Scott Welnosky

Branding, Photography, Print, UI


Branding, Illustration, Print, UI, UX

Troy Maccubbin

Photography, Print, UI

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Illustration, Tutorial

Need an illustrator? Coffee can also be transformed into

album art / flyers / posters / book covers / comics / editorial cartoons / infographics / diagrams / icons / game assets

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